Selasa, 11 Desember 2012

Inspire yourself to lower cholesterol in the diet

The best way to get people to take action to improve their diets and reducing the amount of unhealthy fats they consume is to get the chart. Stop beating around the Bush and softly, softly approach. Get hard and graphics. If it is you who is trying to kick into action you will get honest with yourself enough to inspire you to change. We all know that the word ' cholesterol ', we all know that we don't want too. But for most of us that is about as far as our action takes it. .. until we have a heart attack or someone close to us you are suffering from heart disease. That's not good enough though, the action must take place before then, when eager to feel the effects. That is the tricky bit though, because it might feel good, but your body is already beginning to struggle. Get honest with yourself. I had to do this myself. I can't remember how long it took my stomach was just huge air and wasn't really fat. I kept saying, ' I can fix my diet later, "I have to live for now," "I'll start to eat healthily or going on a diet next week". All these excuses, I had them. One day I saw a picture of me on Facebook and then I could not deny the truth. I realized that things had to change and also need the strength to persevere even if others don't want me too. I thought about what I was doing to my body graphically. I imagined the mud in my arteries slowly building and blocking the flow. As a way to gradually more and more thin and thinner until you are able to get. I could see blood struggling to get. I felt the pain of suffering. I wondered why I would choose to go down this road. I took this picture of pain and blood struggling to get around my body, I held the image of myself in the mirror, and I promised myself this time I was changing for real. I told my wife and family and said that it was true. The day after I came home from work but my wife had even though he was kidding and he had this wonderful oily dinner on the table ready to be eaten. I was tempted, but I went back to the picture in my head and asked where was my salad. You must create the image in your mind where inaction is so horrible that can feed you through all situations where they may have stumbled before. See the potential points of attack in your goal and create a strategy to get past them. When you find inspiration and strategies to make your stick new regime, so it can succeed. Some say it never consider bankruptcy. I say that you need to consider the feeling of failure to inspire you to succeed. You have to consider where failure would probably occur to allow sailing schedule of the past. When you can do so you can get something with your new diet or your new business or otherwise.

Selasa, 20 November 2012

World Heart Day 2012-taking care of women and children

In continuation with the previous year's theme of heart health home, World Heart Federation gave this year's theme the same, that is, ' One World, One Home, One Heart '. The focus this year will be the prevention of CVDS (heart problems) of women and children. There are several misconceptions prevalent that I assume that women are less likely to suffer from heart disease than men. The fact, however, is that women are suffering from heart diseases as much as men, although in old age. The World Heart Federation goes to say that the disease is the number one killer of women, causing 1 in 3 women's deaths, which amounts to about one death per minute. Children are also at risk of developing heart disease, due to a number of risk factors. There is an increasing incidence of congenital heart disease among children in India. Children are also at risk of developing heart disease because of bad fat unhealthy diet constituent and sugar, tobacco use, physical activity and obesity. This day in the heart of the world, know the facts about heart disease and bust myths wherever and whenever you can! Risk factors for heart disease in women Tobacco use: women are more at risk of suffering from a heart problem than men due to the use of tobacco. High triglycerides levels: women suffer from arteriosclerosis due to elevated levels of triglycerides. Diabetes, obesity and depression: the triple deterrents to good health, namely, diabetes, obesity and depression are more common among women than men. Other risks: some other common risk factors with men are high blood pressure, total cholesterol, low HDL cholesterol, unhealthy diet, Hyperlipidemia, physical inactivity and stress. Exclusive: risk factors some risk factors that affect exclusively women are using contraceptives, hormone replacement therapy after menopause and polycystic ovary syndrome. In addition, the risk of a heart attack among women is highest at the beginning of each menstrual cycle. Non-modifiable risk factors: some of the common non-modifiable risk factors for men and women are advancing in age, heredity and ethnicity. Some facts about women and heart disease Women are suffering from heart problems about 10 years later than men, possibly because of the protective effect of estrogen. The risk of a heart attack increases significantly in women after menopause, when levels of LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels begin to increase and the HDL cholesterol level starts to drop. Most women, the typical chest pain syndrome do not occur while suffering a heart attack. Mortality among younger women, caused by a heart attack is greater than men of the same age, although less severe narrowing in the blood vessels, heart attacks smaller and more stored blood pressure. Women who smoke are at increased risk of developing hypertension (high blood pressure). Those who are at high risk have a risk of heart attack 7 to 20 times compared with those who are at risk. Women who have suffered from gestational diabetes, miscarriage, pregnancy-induced hypertension or preeclampsia are at a higher risk of having a heart attack at a young age. Women suffering from diabetes or depression have a mortality rate twice by CVD, and if diabetes and depression are present the rate jumps to 5 times.

Rabu, 12 September 2012

Aortic valve replacement mini-invasive surgery can and should be done through a Minithoracotomy

This article will explain the technical details that allow a heart surgeon expert make an aortic valve replacement with a 2 "engraved on the right side of the chest, between the ribs (minithoracotomy). This approach has several advantages over the traditional open heart operation done through a long foot split breast bone. Here is a detailed description of this revolutionary technique: An engraving by 2 "is created between the third and fourth rib on the right side of thorax The heart-lung machine of all connections are performed through this small incision The aortic valve is easily exposed and removed all calcifications A new biological, mechanical valve or autologous is placed A local anesthetic is infiltrated in the spaces between the ribs to ensure excellent pain control The incision is closed in layers and the skin is reapproximated with plastic surgery techniques The patient is then transferred to the recovery room This technique of minimally invasive heart surgery is available in specialized centers and a growing number of patients are traveling sometimes considerable distances to enjoy his superior results, namely: Much less pain and bleeding of a sternotomy in immediate surgery A quicker recovery and wound healing No physical limitations during recovery because no broken bone Less chance of infection of the wound A great cosmetic results with a barely noticeable scar from the midline. Cannot be seen through an open shirt, shirt or dress Become an informed consumer and know your options. If your local hospital cannot offer this call centre experience of minimally invasive heart surgery reputable and inquire about your particular operation. Visit us for more info and pictures and videos of surgical Minimally Invasive Cardiac surgery techniques by Dr. Clump.